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A Distinguished Legacy of Academic Excellence
and Cutting-Edge Research

CUCET Chandigarh University Highest Placements
India's Leading Research-Intensive University

With 250 + International collaborations in 60 countries, the filing of over 2400 patents in diverse domains, 13000+ research publications and 75+ departmental research groups, CU is at the forefront of groundbreaking research.

CUCET Chandigarh University Highest Placements
Top-Notch Placements

With over 9000+ placement offers from 900+ top-notch companies, our graduates embarked on successful careers.

CUCET Chandigarh University Highest Placements
Global Rankings and Accreditations

Recognized for academic excellence, CU is consistently ranked among the top universities worldwide and holds prestigious accreditations.

CUCET Chandigarh University Highest Placements
Global Exposure

Our international collaborations with over 502 top-ranked universities in 95+ countries facilitate a rich exchange of knowledge and resources on a global scale.

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Extensive Industry Network

Boasting connections with 350+ Vice Presidents (VPs), Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Managing Directors (MDs), and Technical Experts from top Multinational Corporations, CU is renowned for developing world-class industry mentoring systems.

CUCET Chandigarh University Highest Placements
Student Achievements

Our students consistently achieve excellence, earning prestigious awards, scholarships, and recognitions at national and international levels across academics, research, and sports.

Eminence in Research

Over the years, Chandigarh University has earned several accolades for playing a dynamic role in elevating research and the learning process of the institution.

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AI and Machine Learning Lab

A specialised lab providing students facilities to experiment with AI and machine learning models, fostering a hands-on understanding of these new-age technologies.

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Digital Fabrication and Prototyping Lab

A cutting-edge lab where engineering students can bring their ideas to life using 3D printing, CNC machining, and electronics prototyping tools.

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Molecular Biology Lab

his extensive lab allows students to work on DNA, RNA, and protein analysis techniques, preparing them for research and industrial applications.

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Financial Markets Lab

Simulated trading floor with real-time data and trading software to give students hands-on experience in financial markets, investment strategies, and risk management.

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Data Analytics Lab

A dedicated lab for students to work on data analytics projects using real-world datasets, learning analytical skills, uncover insights, and transform raw information into actionable intelligence.

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Communications Lab

Students can experience hands-on learning with communication systems, signal processing, and networking technologies.

Shaping Global Leaders of Tomorrow in Lucknow

At Chandigarh University Lucknow, we carry forward a rich legacy of over two decades in global education, marked by
top global rankings, prestigious accreditations, and groundbreaking research.

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An Enduring Legacy of Trust

At Chandigarh University, we're proud of our rich legacy built over two decades of global education eminence. With top global rankings, accreditations, and awards, we have demonstrated our distinction in cutting-edge research, forging collaborations with leading industry and international institutions. Our fleet of accomplished alumni holding top positions in the world's leading companies stands as a testament to our top-tier education. Chandigarh University Lucknow will carry forward this long-standing legacy to nurture a new generation of global citizens, ensuring futurity in every aspect of education.

Global | Excellence
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Intellectual Prowess in Academia

At the core of our academic model lies our dedication to groundbreaking research, cultivating an environment where intellectual curiosity and pioneering discoveries flourish. Our distinguished faculty, comprising of eminent scholars with doctorates and rich industry experiences, will bring unparalleled expertise and a passion for teaching that invigorates the students’ learning experience. The comprehensive curriculum is meticulously designed to mirror the scholastic rigor of world- renowned institutions, equipping graduates to be competitive professionals.

Innovation | Creativity
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Innovative Academic Model with Futuristic Outlook

Our academic framework is distinguished by its holistic and interdisciplinary approach, offering students a flexible structure and bespoke learning trajectories. With a profound emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education, we will groom students for pioneering roles in forefront industries and technologies. Encompassing defined learning outcomes and international pathway programs, we will ensure our students acquire the requisite skills and knowledge to succeed in their chosen fields while championing inclusive education, social responsibility, empathy, and community engagement.

Academic | STEM
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Progressive Pedagogy

Our diligently curated pedagogy utilizes innovative technologies like virtual reality and cloud computing aiming to help students experience immersive and personalized education. We employ AI-based tools to optimize learning outcomes, cultivate critical thinking, emphasize project-based learning, and interdisciplinary collaboration. With gamification and collaborative activities, we immerse our students in real-world scenarios to equip them with skills for the dynamic professional world.

Learning | EduTech
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Advanced Centres of Excellence ( COEs)

Our university is home to Centers of Excellence, each dedicated to advancing knowledge and ingenuity in diverse fields. The COE in ESG and Public Policy, AI and Data Science, and Digital Transformation will offer unparalleled opportunities for driving research and innovation, cultivating scholarly distinction and pioneering advancements in different domains. The Maker Space at our campus will provide a vibrant environment that nurtures creativity and encourages inventive thinking among students. Further, Additive Manufacturing leads in 3D printing technologies, and the Test and Instrumentation Center provides state-of-the-art research facilities, supporting interdisciplinary progress.

Research | CoE
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Eco-consciousness and Sustainability

We are dedicated to sustainability, as clearly evident in our environmentally conscious institution design. The varsity presents a harmonious blend of eco-friendly initiatives, energy-efficient infrastructure, and lush green spaces. It aims to promote entrepreneurial leadership, and digital proficiency to shape ethical global citizens who excel in collaborative communication and research. Additionally, a sustainability mindset permeates the university, inspiring students to embrace eco-friendly practices and contribute to a greener future.

Green | Sustainable

Be a Trailblazer.
Be a Future Industry Leader.

We inspire students to dream big – whether it's excelling in global management or research, initiating successful
startups, conquering competitive exams, or pursuing an international sports career.

India’s No.1 Private University Now in Lucknow

Join the Futuristic Campus with Experiential Education Model to turn your dreams into Reality

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World Class Education

A transformative learning experience that encourages critical thinking and innovation, equipping you with future-ready skills and career competence.

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AI-Enabled Campus

The power of AI is harnessed to its full potential to enhance traditional learning pedagogy for you and create a futuristic model of education.

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The campus harmoniously brings together eco-friendly initiatives, energy-efficient building, and green spaces, making it a testament to sustainability.